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Intercommunication between the portal and Bosch diagnostic tools

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October 2009

Intercommunication between the portal and Bosch diagnostic tools
 - Creates an interface
 - Link between diagnostics and ordering of parts
 Time saved and return on investment

Automotive repairers have to carry out work on increasingly complex vehicles which require not only high-tech diagnostic tools, but also precise and rapid identification of the parts to be replaced. Based on this fact, and as each offers tools which are not only complementary but also leaders in their sectors, the Autodistribution Group and the Bosch Group's Automotive Aftermarket Division have decided to create an interface which will allow the Bosch KTS 540/570/670 diagnostic tools and the Autossimo independent repair portal to intercommunicate.

This initiative shows once again the commitment of these two major names to an independent exchange with automotive repairers.
In concrete terms, the Bosch teams in charge of the KTS range and those in
the Autodistribution Group in charge of the Autossimo portal have jointly developed an interface between the Bosch Esitronic fault location software and the Autossimo portal. The Bosch KTS 540/570/670 tools and Autossimo can thus exchange their data in both directions. A repairer with access to a Bosch KTS and access to Autossimo will be able to use the fault location methods offered and simultaneously identify the parts required for the repair. A simple click from the Bosch KTS will switch to Autossimo, which will automatically bring up the pre-identified parts and send the order to the nearest AD distributor. The same procedure is possible from Autossimo, where the repairer will be able to activate Esitronic and its SIS module in order to reply to any questions which may be asked about any vehicle and its repair. "Up until now there has not been any direct link between diagnostics and ordering. This is now possible thanks to this interfacing of our two solutions", explains François Herfray, Workshop Equipment Marketing Manager. And he adds: "This provides considerable savings in both time and money, but also brings an end to incorrect identification of parts". Amar Cheballah, Marketing & Technical Director of the Autodistribution Group goes on to emphasise: "Thanks to this complete KTS + Autossimo solution, repairers will be able to considerably improve the return on their investment in a diagnostic tool."

The Autodistribution Group in brief
The Autodistribution Group is a French and European leader in the independent distribution of car and heavy goods vehicle parts. Alongside its distribution activities, the Autodistribution Group is also the number one independent car repairer via its brands Garage AD and Garage Expert, AutoPrimo, Staff Auto, Auto Service AD, Carrosserie AD, Centre Technique Automobile and number one HGV repairer with its AD PL Garages and Outlets.
The Autodistribution Group was established in 1962, employs a staff of 6,500 and is projected a turnover of 1.1 billion euros in 2008. The company has a presence in Poland via its subsidiary AD Polska and in Italy via its subsidiary Parts Distribuzione Italia, and holds minority interests in the Netherlands and Morocco.

The Bosch Group
The Bosch Group is a leading international company in the Automotive equipment, Industrial technology, Consumer goods and Building technology sectors. With around 280,000 members of staff, the Bosch Group achieved a turnover of 45.1 billion euros in 2008. The Bosch Group includes the company Robert Bosch GmbH along with approximately 300 subsidiaries and regional companies spread over more than 60 countries. If commercial partners are included, the Bosch Group has a presence in around 150
countries. This international network of development, manufacturing and distribution is a key element in the continued growth of the Group. Bosch invests more than 3.5 billion euros per year in research and development, and has over 3000 patents worldwide. The company was founded in 1886 in Stuttgart, Germany, by Robert Bosch (1861-1942) as an "electrotechnical and precision mechanics workshop". The special structure of ownership of Robert Bosch GmbH guarantees the free enterprise of the Bosch Group. Thanks to this structure, the company is able to plan for the long term and to make large initial investments to safeguard its future. 92% of the shares in Robert Bosch GmbH are owned by the charitable foundation Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH. The majority of the voting rights arising from these shares are entrusted to the company Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG, which acts as an active partner. The other shares are held by the Bosch family and by the company Robert Bosch GmbH. The main activities of the Bosch Group are represented in France. In 2008, the staff totalled more than 9,000 and the turnover achieved by the Group increased to 3.1 billion euros nationally and 1.5 billion euros in export. For further information, please consult the website

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