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October 2009

At the end of 2007, the Autodistribution Group, French and European leader in the independent distribution of car and HGV parts, presented the new version of the Autossimo portal, thereby reaffirming that the internet is one of the most important factors in the company's development.

Today, more than 15% of the AUTODISTRIBUTION Group's turnover comes via Autossimo, which is asserting itself more than ever as the global solution to the new challenges of the automotive repair and maintenance market in France, and also in Europe. A considerable competitive advantage for the Group, Autossimo is now even at the heart of the workshop's organisation., the repairer's essential tool
The Autodistribution Group's cross-business tool, the Autossimo portal is on the front line in terms of vehicle maintenance (access to technical data or to collections of spare parts, carrying out diagnostics or online orders, etc.). This portal blends so seamlessly with the repair process that it is now the repairer's key support. It would not be going too far to say that the first thing a repairer does when arriving in the morning is to boot up Autossimo!, a time management tool
Today, Autossimo is a part of every area of daily workshop life. Once the customer arrives, simply entering a registration number allows the repairer to identify the vehicle and to access all the functions required for carrying out their daily tasks, from reception of the vehicle to invoicing for the work. For the last 8 years, the Equip’Auto trade show has provided an opportunity to present the new features of Autossimo. Once again this year, functions such as the real-time monitoring of parts deliveries to help control workshops flows will be one of the major new features at Equip’Auto., a real draw
The global approach offered by the Autossimo portal is winning over more and more repairers. This is shown by the customers of Cora, French leader in the original quality bodywork parts distribution market and subsidiary of the Autodistribution Group, who are warming to the tool and using the portal in ever greater numbers. A number of new features are regularly added to the range of services offered by Autossimo. As examples, we can cite the completely new optimisation programme for paintwork stations offered to body repairers by Autodistribution, or even the improvements to the bodywork parts order process. The interface with the costing tools used by professionals and body repairers allows an automatic progression from confirmed costing to ordering the parts on Autossimo.
Always ready to adapt to new developments, Autossimo has also been part of an original initiative from an insurance company, the "pay as you drive" concept, to which it has contributed by installing GPS units in private vehicles for people interested in this type of insurance., a European tool Obviously, Autossimo also supports the activities of the Autodistribution Group which take place beyond our borders and indeed, the first international version of the site has just been launched in Italy. "This adaptation required the entire database to be rewritten, which was a mammoth task" explained Luc Azilinon, Director of internet and e-commerce activities for the Autodistribution Group. Very soon AD will be offering an Italian version of the portal, to be followed by a Polish version at a later date. "The difficulty is in finding technical solutions for an application in the language of each country, with each of these countries having its own different features", said Luc Azilinon.
Today, can offer every advantage and should soon be sitting as the no. 1 European vehicle repair portal. in figures
With more than 1 000 000 part numbers, the Autossimo e-catalogue covers more than 98% of vehicles. Currently, more than 175 suppliers and 600 subfamilies make up the range of products offered by the portal, one of the most comprehensive on the market.

Thanks to a multi-criteria search engine, using a database of more than 33,000 vehicles, professionals can directly identify the parts that correspond to the vehicle being repaired.
Number of users: more than 6,000 – number of log-ins: 15 000 log-ins per day.

The Autodistribution Group in brief
The Autodistribution Group is a French and European leader in the independent distribution of car and heavy goods vehicle parts. Alongside its distribution activities, the Autodistribution Group is also the number one independent car repairer via its brands Garage AD and Garage Expert, AutoPrimo, Staff Auto, Auto Service AD, Carrosserie AD, Centre Technique Automobile and number one HGV repairer with its AD PL Garages and Outlets.
The Autodistribution Group was established in 1962, employs a staff of 6 500 and is projected a turnover of 1.1 billion euros in 2009. The company has a presence in Poland via its subsidiary AD Polska and in Italy via its subsidiary Parts Distribuzione Italia, and holds minority interests in the Netherlands and Morocco.

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